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Certificated to perform impartial investigations

Earlier this year, Director and Principal Consultant, Tony McKone, attended the Association of Workplace Investigators Atlanta Training Institute. On 3 July 2018, Tony was informed that he had passed this course and been granted the distinction of Association of Workplace Investigators Certificate Holder (AWI-CH).

The training institute comprised a four day training course covering all matters related to carrying out impartial workplace investigations. The four day course was then followed up with a half day of intensive testing of students understanding of practice and procedures related to workplace investigations; an interviewing skills test; and a report analysis and findings write-up test. Each of these three components were then assessed by independent assessors to determine a pass result. To pass the course programme, each student must attain a pass in each of the three tests.

The certificate, which notes that Tony has passed the assessments and completed the course that teaches the core knowledge and skills necessary to successfully perform impartial workplace investigations, is testament to Tony's years of experience undertaking employment investigations in New Zealand.

The certificate, issued by the Association of Workplace Investigators, based in the United States of America, is not a certification and does not verify that the certificate holder is certified. Rather the Certificate is an acknowledgement of completion of the course that teaches the core knowledge and skills required for undertaking investigations.

As such Tony is now entitled to use the post-nominal of AWI-CH (Association of Workplace Investigators - Certificate Holder) after his name.

Visit the Association of Workplace Investigators website to learn more about this organisation and their training programmes.

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